Buff Knight Contest! Halloween Endless Mode Survival ENDS NOV. 5TH


Greetings Knights!

It’s Halloween time! That means chilly weather, pumpkin spice everything and survival against creepy ghosts and monsters!

We’re holding a contest to find the bravest knights, the ones who can survive the longest before falling to the evil forces of the Red Dragon. A frightening challenge awaits, are you brave enough to accept it?

Buff Knight Endless Mode Contest

Show off your best score for Endless Mode! We’re giving away 2 iTunes Giftcards (sorry US only) and three PC Game keys to some spooky titles. Compete against fellow knights to get survive the longest and get the highest score!

1. Giftcards are worth $10 in value and can be used on the US iTunes App Store

2. The games are: Thief Gold, Daikatana and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

The Rules


1. Go to the controller icon at the bottom of the title screen


2. Go to Rankings


3. Go to Endless Mode High Score


4. Take a picture of your score and send it to buffknightcontest@gmail .com with the subject line: HALLOWEEN CONTEST or post it to our Facebook fanpage.


5. The five highest scores will be chosen and notified through email. The top 2 scores will receive a giftcard. The next 3 highest will receive a PC game key. Gift card codes and game keys will also be sent through email.

Contest ends November 5th. Good luck knights!


Among the Mighty: Sitting next to Plague Inc. and Minecraft

It’s always exciting news to hear about a game’s success stories. They serve as inspirations and goals to accomplish in the long term, a beacon of light guiding you on the path, letting you know that at one point, they too were in the same position you were, working hard and putting in everything they had to make their game the best it can be.

Number 1!!!

A few weeks ago we wrote about becoming number 1 in the Japanese and Taiwanese app charts, this week we’re excited to share the news that Buff Knight has once again reached number 1 on the download charts, this time in Buff’s own home country: Korea.

This past weekend, Buff Knight reached number 1 on the Korean iTunes App Store chart. While it may seem odd to celebrate a victory like this, it is in fact a major victory. Getting to number 1 on the iPhone and iPad, especially in Korea is a hard feat to accomplish. Similar to the Google Play Store, reaching number 1 means overcoming the extremely popular games on Kakao that dominate the charts week after week. It means overcoming legendary titles like Plague Inc and Minecraft, games loved by millions around the world.

Again, we would never say we are better than Minecraft, Plague Inc. or any of the excellent Kakao games. But again, we feel privileged to share the spotlight with such great games. We feel privileged to have our game played and enjoyed by millions of passionate gamers from around the world.

It’s been an incredible ride so far and one that isn’t over yet. We’re going to be with you until the end and we couldn’t be happier.


Buff Knight Secrets Revealed! Find all the Artifacts!

As Buff Knight releases around the world, player have been fighting through both the Story and Endless Mode, in a quest to fight the Red Dragon and unlock all the artifacts.

However, many players are experiencing difficulty in finding and leveling up all the artifacts. Fear not! As we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on finding those rare artifacts and how to unlock them!


Before collecting the rare artifacts, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled by the player.

1. Story mode must have been beaten once.

2. 4 artifacts must have been collected by playing through Story Mode. This is done by simply playing through Story Mode and beating the Red Dragon 4 different times.

3. 10 artifacts are found in both the Story and Endless mode and are randomly found by playing through the game. These are the common artifacts.

4. The remaining 6 are special artifacts, and can only be found by completing certain conditions in the game.

indiana jones

The 6 Rare Artifacts

Unlocking the 6 Rare Artifacts are not difficult in terms of performing the necessary task to unlock them, its finding out exactly HOW to unlock them in the game. Here are the different ways to unlock the rare 6.

1. One artifact can be found when the game’s background is a night sky. By scrolling past the first screen, you will randomly come across a star in the sky. Touching that star will unlock the artifact

2. When playing the game, getting a 10 hit combo by slaying 10 enemies in a row without dying will unlock another rare artifact.

3. In game, there are wooden barrels among the jars and treasure chests that hold coins and sometimes potions. By touching 10 wooden barrels in a row, without touching any jars, you’ll unlock a secret artifact.

4. Occasionally you’ll come across an enemy called the Pharaoh. He looks like a normal mummy only he’s wearing a golden headdress. By killing this monster through air juggling, you’ll unlock yet another secret artifact.

5. While its tempting to open every treasure chest you see, sometimes skipping them can pay off in the end and in this case, net you an artifact. By skipping over 10 treasure chests and opening the 11th one after that, you’ll unlock a secret artifact for your troubles.

For the final secret artifact, you need to simply use a health potion when (a. the background is raining and (b. your health is full. By doing this you’ll unlock the last secret artifact.

scott_pilgrim_vs_the_world_level_one_x2_bonusLeveling Up the Artifacts

While some have tried nearly everything to level up certain artifacts, the end result usually ends in confusion with some artifacts reaching level 5 and some never leaving level 1. The reason? That’s just the way it is. Not all artifacts go beyond the first level. A handful of artifacts can reach a maximum level of 5 while some will always remain at 1. So if you’re trying everything in the game and a certain artifact isn’t moving up in levels, it’s because it wasn’t meant to.


And that’s it! With these tips you should be on your way to collecting the artifacts and becoming a stronger buff knight!

Success Makes us Happy and Humble

Last week’s work day started like any other. Check out the Facebook and Twitter posts, reply to emails, check the forums, etc. The simple daily activities you do every day, making the day seem just like any other.

I remember being slightly startled when out of the blue, one of the staff members next to me gasped at her computer screen. Me, being unaware of what was happening curiously asked what the problem was. At this point, my mind was racing. Did something happen? Was there some kind of bug discovered? We were de-listed off the store? My mind raced at the unknown terrifying possibilities.

“Buff Knight is number one in Japan! We’re the number 1 paid game!” she said. japn_rpg_ranking

Ok good news then.

Most developers and publishers dream of being number one on the chart. They dream of making their way past competition and staking a claim at the top. It’s a huge, grueling mountain to climb past countless games with millions of downloads daily, so for most people (and until not too long ago, us included) this serves little more than wishful thinking.

One week later, we’ve been informed that we’ve made it to number one in Taiwan as well, and in Japan were able to beat big name titles such as Dragon Quest II and Final Fantasy. That’s when it all sank in. That’s when it finally hit us.

final-fantasy-wallpaper from playstationlifestyleWhile it may sound like bragging that we hit #1 more than anything, its the act of being humbled and being lucky and fortunate enough to be living a dream. The fact that Buff Knight has been able to stand next to games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest is incredibly humbling to know. These are games that have shaped many of our childhood, teen and adult lives. These are game’s who stories and settings have taken us to new worlds and given us unforgettable characters. We’ve laughed, cried and played with these games, making them more than just digital time wasters, but rather a part of our lives and our culture. They’ve given us a world to play in, to escape to when our own world wasn’t exactly welcoming and created generations of fans.

So yes, we are humbled to share the spotlight with them. We are humbled to be a part of their world and we are humbled to share even a fraction of their influence and legacy.

To everyone who has supported us: Thank You!

*Final Fantasy VII image taken from Playstationlifestyle.com

Buff Knight Lite Launch Contest! Ends October 22

Tomorrow marks the launch of the lite version of Buff Knight for the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store in North America. While this may seem like just another version of the same game, the reality is that this is a hallmark event for all of us at Buff Knight. The reason we can launch a lite version of Buff Knight is due to the massive amount of support from fans all around the world. It is all of you that helped us get to here and we can’t thank you enough.

That’s why we want to celebrate with all of you, by hosting our biggest and most far reaching event yet!

To celebrate the release of the lite version of Buff Knight, we want to see knights from all around the world participate and get creative!

We’re looking for the best caption to go along with the picture. Whether funny, clever, using some obscure reference or just plain weird, give us your best!


Simply leave your caption in the comments below and we’ll be choosing up to 5 of the best ones! 

The caption winners will receive either:

A.) First Prize (2 winners): A $10 iTunes Giftcard (US Store Only)

B.) Second Price (3 winners): A Steam key to a random game. Games include titles such as VVVV, Deadlight, Just Cause 2 and Orcs Must Die 2  and Thomas was Alone!

The contest ends on October 22 and we’ll be announcing the winners shortly after.

Thank you for all of your support fellow knights! We can’t wait to see what you can come up with!

Thanks to our fans

I’ve said it before, and I’ll most likely say it again in the future but it has to be said, this weekend has been an incredibly touching experience, and its all because of the fans.

Since Buff Knight launched on the Apple App Store, there has been a tremendous response from gamers, fans, developers and writers from all over the world, congratulating and praising Buff Knight. Every developer hopes for their game to be successful but once it actually happens and you see the responses you receive from people, it makes things that much more impressive.

Every kind word. Every congratulation. Every nice email, forum post and message on Twitter has been appreciated and even as I type this, I can’t believe all of the awesome people out there who took a chance with our little indie title and are now calling it one of their “favorite games of the year”.

As more reviews come in and more people play and review Buff Knight, we will always be thankful for the response both good and bad. Everything helps us to craft a better game for the future. It’s all a learning experience for us and we’re humbled that you’ve let us learn and grow with you.

Thank you fans and gamers alike. You are simply the best. 😀

Heart and Soul: Make a Thing

I was once told by a mentor that in order to achieve the greatest feeling of satisfaction in life, you need to “make a thing” and share it with the world.

Working on a game requires a full roster of dedicated and talented people to put everything together and make it flow as one cohesive whole. While Buff Studios may be a one person studio, its involvement with other various people to promote, write and translate the game for an English speaking audience is something to be noted. It’s taken a team of talented and skilled people to make Buff Knight everything it is today.

This couldn’t be possible without the passion and drive that many games seek to have, yet some never achieve. Games, like many forms of entertainment come with a heart and soul. It is this very heart and soul that allows games to resonate and connect with publishers and gamers alike. People have the ability to see work that comes from the heart, work that comes from a desire to create something, rather than a desire to cash in on a market as quickly as possible.

That’s why I always feel excited to talk about Buff Knight. That’s why I’m always eager to share our work with fans and gamers alike. I can feel the passion and soul with every pixel. It’s a touching experience to see something you made unleashed on the world. It’s an even greater feeling to see others come together and share that thing you made.

While we may have launched Buff Knight, we still have a long road ahead of us. However, if the road will be anything like our launch week has been, its a road that I’m excited to take. I simply cannot wait to share our work, meet more people and continue on our journey.

We made a thing. Now its your turn to experience it!

Just like Buff, we’re constantly in motion. Always moving forward to our goals!

Working on the Weekend

Being part of an indie game means that the work never stops. Helping to launch a game like Buff Knight takes a near constant hands on approach, talking with the players and utilizing all of your social media contacts to share Buff Knight with the world. While this may seem like something that seems like a chore and not really fun, I don’t mind it all the much. Buff Knight is something that is important to us, something we devoted our heart and soul to in order to make something we wanted to share with everyone. It’s a always exciting to see someone replay back to an email, retweet your tweets or post a positive compliment on youtube.

While these acts of kindness may seem random and not that special, knowing that someone out there enjoys what you helped to make, is a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment unmatched by anything else.

This is work that doesn’t feel like work. This is engaging with a community of passionate and kind gamers. This is working on the weekend, and it feels fine.


Launch Day- Feelings of Thanks and Excitement

After all of the preparation, planning and sacrificing of time (as well as sleep) Buff Knight is ready to launch. The day that every developer dreams about is finally here!

Being a part of the Buff Knight team has been an absolute treat and a enjoyable challenge from the beginning to the present. Being able to create a game that you truly care about, one that comes from passion and a desire to share that passion with gamers around the world is a truly rewarding experience.

We hope that everyone who plays Buff Knight enjoys it as much as we did participating in its creation. We want gamers of all ages and backgrounds to feel the joy and excitement of playing Buff Knight like many of us felt playing classic RPGs from our childhood. The feeling of nostalgia is such a warm and happy feeling, we hope we can share it with you.

Thanks to all the knights who made this possible through your support and kinds words, we could have not done it without you!

Let us go forth and fight evil together!