Launch Day- Feelings of Thanks and Excitement

After all of the preparation, planning and sacrificing of time (as well as sleep) Buff Knight is ready to launch. The day that every developer dreams about is finally here!

Being a part of the Buff Knight team has been an absolute treat and a enjoyable challenge from the beginning to the present. Being able to create a game that you truly care about, one that comes from passion and a desire to share that passion with gamers around the world is a truly rewarding experience.

We hope that everyone who plays Buff Knight enjoys it as much as we did participating in its creation. We want gamers of all ages and backgrounds to feel the joy and excitement of playing Buff Knight like many of us felt playing classic RPGs from our childhood. The feeling of nostalgia is such a warm and happy feeling, we hope we can share it with you.

Thanks to all the knights who made this possible through your support and kinds words, we could have not done it without you!

Let us go forth and fight evil together!



3 thoughts on “Launch Day- Feelings of Thanks and Excitement

  1. Congratulations! I too cherish the old school games and I am also developing them! It’s great to read an article like this when you ca actually feel the pleasure of game development. I wish you a lot of success with your game!


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