Heart and Soul: Make a Thing

I was once told by a mentor that in order to achieve the greatest feeling of satisfaction in life, you need to “make a thing” and share it with the world.

Working on a game requires a full roster of dedicated and talented people to put everything together and make it flow as one cohesive whole. While Buff Studios may be a one person studio, its involvement with other various people to promote, write and translate the game for an English speaking audience is something to be noted. It’s taken a team of talented and skilled people to make Buff Knight everything it is today.

This couldn’t be possible without the passion and drive that many games seek to have, yet some never achieve. Games, like many forms of entertainment come with a heart and soul. It is this very heart and soul that allows games to resonate and connect with publishers and gamers alike. People have the ability to see work that comes from the heart, work that comes from a desire to create something, rather than a desire to cash in on a market as quickly as possible.

That’s why I always feel excited to talk about Buff Knight. That’s why I’m always eager to share our work with fans and gamers alike. I can feel the passion and soul with every pixel. It’s a touching experience to see something you made unleashed on the world. It’s an even greater feeling to see others come together and share that thing you made.

While we may have launched Buff Knight, we still have a long road ahead of us. However, if the road will be anything like our launch week has been, its a road that I’m excited to take. I simply cannot wait to share our work, meet more people and continue on our journey.

We made a thing. Now its your turn to experience it!

Just like Buff, we’re constantly in motion. Always moving forward to our goals!


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