Thanks to our fans

I’ve said it before, and I’ll most likely say it again in the future but it has to be said, this weekend has been an incredibly touching experience, and its all because of the fans.

Since Buff Knight launched on the Apple App Store, there has been a tremendous response from gamers, fans, developers and writers from all over the world, congratulating and praising Buff Knight. Every developer hopes for their game to be successful but once it actually happens and you see the responses you receive from people, it makes things that much more impressive.

Every kind word. Every congratulation. Every nice email, forum post and message on Twitter has been appreciated and even as I type this, I can’t believe all of the awesome people out there who took a chance with our little indie title and are now calling it one of their “favorite games of the year”.

As more reviews come in and more people play and review Buff Knight, we will always be thankful for the response both good and bad. Everything helps us to craft a better game for the future. It’s all a learning experience for us and we’re humbled that you’ve let us learn and grow with you.

Thank you fans and gamers alike. You are simply the best. 😀


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