Buff Knight Lite Launch Contest! Ends October 22

Tomorrow marks the launch of the lite version of Buff Knight for the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store in North America. While this may seem like just another version of the same game, the reality is that this is a hallmark event for all of us at Buff Knight. The reason we can launch a lite version of Buff Knight is due to the massive amount of support from fans all around the world. It is all of you that helped us get to here and we can’t thank you enough.

That’s why we want to celebrate with all of you, by hosting our biggest and most far reaching event yet!

To celebrate the release of the lite version of Buff Knight, we want to see knights from all around the world participate and get creative!

We’re looking for the best caption to go along with the picture. Whether funny, clever, using some obscure reference or just plain weird, give us your best!


Simply leave your caption in the comments below and we’ll be choosing up to 5 of the best ones! 

The caption winners will receive either:

A.) First Prize (2 winners): A $10 iTunes Giftcard (US Store Only)

B.) Second Price (3 winners): A Steam key to a random game. Games include titles such as VVVV, Deadlight, Just Cause 2 and Orcs Must Die 2  and Thomas was Alone!

The contest ends on October 22 and we’ll be announcing the winners shortly after.

Thank you for all of your support fellow knights! We can’t wait to see what you can come up with!


9 thoughts on “Buff Knight Lite Launch Contest! Ends October 22

  1. I the Breakfast Knight will vanquish thy serpents! MAY THY SKY TURN AS DARK AS BURNT TOAST! LET IT RAIN BAGELS AND DESTROY THY ENEMY!!!!!!!


  2. Buff Knight: Let’s fight!
    Cobra (thinking) Boy, look at that shiny thing. If the pointy end doesn’t kill me, I’m sure another second or two looking at it will leave me blind.


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