Success Makes us Happy and Humble

Last week’s work day started like any other. Check out the Facebook and Twitter posts, reply to emails, check the forums, etc. The simple daily activities you do every day, making the day seem just like any other.

I remember being slightly startled when out of the blue, one of the staff members next to me gasped at her computer screen. Me, being unaware of what was happening curiously asked what the problem was. At this point, my mind was racing. Did something happen? Was there some kind of bug discovered? We were de-listed off the store? My mind raced at the unknown terrifying possibilities.

“Buff Knight is number one in Japan! We’re the number 1 paid game!” she said. japn_rpg_ranking

Ok good news then.

Most developers and publishers dream of being number one on the chart. They dream of making their way past competition and staking a claim at the top. It’s a huge, grueling mountain to climb past countless games with millions of downloads daily, so for most people (and until not too long ago, us included) this serves little more than wishful thinking.

One week later, we’ve been informed that we’ve made it to number one in Taiwan as well, and in Japan were able to beat big name titles such as Dragon Quest II and Final Fantasy. That’s when it all sank in. That’s when it finally hit us.

final-fantasy-wallpaper from playstationlifestyleWhile it may sound like bragging that we hit #1 more than anything, its the act of being humbled and being lucky and fortunate enough to be living a dream. The fact that Buff Knight has been able to stand next to games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest is incredibly humbling to know. These are games that have shaped many of our childhood, teen and adult lives. These are game’s who stories and settings have taken us to new worlds and given us unforgettable characters. We’ve laughed, cried and played with these games, making them more than just digital time wasters, but rather a part of our lives and our culture. They’ve given us a world to play in, to escape to when our own world wasn’t exactly welcoming and created generations of fans.

So yes, we are humbled to share the spotlight with them. We are humbled to be a part of their world and we are humbled to share even a fraction of their influence and legacy.

To everyone who has supported us: Thank You!

*Final Fantasy VII image taken from


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