Buff Knight Secrets Revealed! Find all the Artifacts!

As Buff Knight releases around the world, player have been fighting through both the Story and Endless Mode, in a quest to fight the Red Dragon and unlock all the artifacts.

However, many players are experiencing difficulty in finding and leveling up all the artifacts. Fear not! As we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on finding those rare artifacts and how to unlock them!


Before collecting the rare artifacts, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled by the player.

1. Story mode must have been beaten once.

2. 4 artifacts must have been collected by playing through Story Mode. This is done by simply playing through Story Mode and beating the Red Dragon 4 different times.

3. 10 artifacts are found in both the Story and Endless mode and are randomly found by playing through the game. These are the common artifacts.

4. The remaining 6 are special artifacts, and can only be found by completing certain conditions in the game.

indiana jones

The 6 Rare Artifacts

Unlocking the 6 Rare Artifacts are not difficult in terms of performing the necessary task to unlock them, its finding out exactly HOW to unlock them in the game. Here are the different ways to unlock the rare 6.

1. One artifact can be found when the game’s background is a night sky. By scrolling past the first screen, you will randomly come across a star in the sky. Touching that star will unlock the artifact

2. When playing the game, getting a 10 hit combo by slaying 10 enemies in a row without dying will unlock another rare artifact.

3. In game, there are wooden barrels among the jars and treasure chests that hold coins and sometimes potions. By touching 10 wooden barrels in a row, without touching any jars, you’ll unlock a secret artifact.

4. Occasionally you’ll come across an enemy called the Pharaoh. He looks like a normal mummy only he’s wearing a golden headdress. By killing this monster through air juggling, you’ll unlock yet another secret artifact.

5. While its tempting to open every treasure chest you see, sometimes skipping them can pay off in the end and in this case, net you an artifact. By skipping over 10 treasure chests and opening the 11th one after that, you’ll unlock a secret artifact for your troubles.

For the final secret artifact, you need to simply use a health potion when (a. the background is raining and (b. your health is full. By doing this you’ll unlock the last secret artifact.

scott_pilgrim_vs_the_world_level_one_x2_bonusLeveling Up the Artifacts

While some have tried nearly everything to level up certain artifacts, the end result usually ends in confusion with some artifacts reaching level 5 and some never leaving level 1. The reason? That’s just the way it is. Not all artifacts go beyond the first level. A handful of artifacts can reach a maximum level of 5 while some will always remain at 1. So if you’re trying everything in the game and a certain artifact isn’t moving up in levels, it’s because it wasn’t meant to.


And that’s it! With these tips you should be on your way to collecting the artifacts and becoming a stronger buff knight!


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