Among the Mighty: Sitting next to Plague Inc. and Minecraft

It’s always exciting news to hear about a game’s success stories. They serve as inspirations and goals to accomplish in the long term, a beacon of light guiding you on the path, letting you know that at one point, they too were in the same position you were, working hard and putting in everything they had to make their game the best it can be.

Number 1!!!

A few weeks ago we wrote about becoming number 1 in the Japanese and Taiwanese app charts, this week we’re excited to share the news that Buff Knight has once again reached number 1 on the download charts, this time in Buff’s own home country: Korea.

This past weekend, Buff Knight reached number 1 on the Korean iTunes App Store chart. While it may seem odd to celebrate a victory like this, it is in fact a major victory. Getting to number 1 on the iPhone and iPad, especially in Korea is a hard feat to accomplish. Similar to the Google Play Store, reaching number 1 means overcoming the extremely popular games on Kakao that dominate the charts week after week. It means overcoming legendary titles like Plague Inc and Minecraft, games loved by millions around the world.

Again, we would never say we are better than Minecraft, Plague Inc. or any of the excellent Kakao games. But again, we feel privileged to share the spotlight with such great games. We feel privileged to have our game played and enjoyed by millions of passionate gamers from around the world.

It’s been an incredible ride so far and one that isn’t over yet. We’re going to be with you until the end and we couldn’t be happier.



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