Buff Knight Contest! Halloween Endless Mode Survival ENDS NOV. 5TH


Greetings Knights!

It’s Halloween time! That means chilly weather, pumpkin spice everything and survival against creepy ghosts and monsters!

We’re holding a contest to find the bravest knights, the ones who can survive the longest before falling to the evil forces of the Red Dragon. A frightening challenge awaits, are you brave enough to accept it?

Buff Knight Endless Mode Contest

Show off your best score for Endless Mode! We’re giving away 2 iTunes Giftcards (sorry US only) and three PC Game keys to some spooky titles. Compete against fellow knights to get survive the longest and get the highest score!

1. Giftcards are worth $10 in value and can be used on the US iTunes App Store

2. The games are: Thief Gold, Daikatana and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

The Rules


1. Go to the controller icon at the bottom of the title screen


2. Go to Rankings


3. Go to Endless Mode High Score


4. Take a picture of your score and send it to buffknightcontest@gmail .com with the subject line: HALLOWEEN CONTEST or post it to our Facebook fanpage.


5. The five highest scores will be chosen and notified through email. The top 2 scores will receive a giftcard. The next 3 highest will receive a PC game key. Gift card codes and game keys will also be sent through email.

Contest ends November 5th. Good luck knights!


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