This is the official English blog for Buff Knight: a retro RPG runner inspired by classic RPGs such as Dragon Quest and Ys combined with the fast paced gameplay of an endless runner.

Buff Knight is a pixel art inspired 2D RPG Runner where you’re constantly on the move.  Your mission is to kill the invading monsters and saving the Princess from the Red Dragon with either your sword or by timing your spells carefully. As you progress the game becomes more intense with stronger and deadlier monsters. You can collect artifacts and upgrade your items & attributes to become stronger. The game also includes two different game modes; Story Mode and Endless Mode compete with classic RPG monsters and huge arsenal of weapons and armor to upgrade and equip.  Already released in Korea, the free version of Buff Knight has reached over 100,000 downloads through the Google Play Korea Store and continues to grow.

You are Buff Knight – the buff Knight who stops for nothing! The Red Vile Dragon & his minions has returned to the Kingdom of Buff to raid the kingdom for artifacts. While searching for artifacts the Dragon also captured the beautiful Princess and your quest is now to vanquish the evil forces and slay The Red Vile Dragon by using both spells and brute force to save the princess before it’ too late!


Buff Knight is available for both iOS and Android software.

Apple iTunes Store

Google Play Store 



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