Launch Day- Feelings of Thanks and Excitement

After all of the preparation, planning and sacrificing of time (as well as sleep) Buff Knight is ready to launch. The day that every developer dreams about is finally here!

Being a part of the Buff Knight team has been an absolute treat and a enjoyable challenge from the beginning to the present. Being able to create a game that you truly care about, one that comes from passion and a desire to share that passion with gamers around the world is a truly rewarding experience.

We hope that everyone who plays Buff Knight enjoys it as much as we did participating in its creation. We want gamers of all ages and backgrounds to feel the joy and excitement of playing Buff Knight like many of us felt playing classic RPGs from our childhood. The feeling of nostalgia is such a warm and happy feeling, we hope we can share it with you.

Thanks to all the knights who made this possible through your support and kinds words, we could have not done it without you!

Let us go forth and fight evil together!



The Creator of Buff Knight- Kim Do Hyung and being indie in Korea

While Buff Knight may seem like a simple tribute to older games, for its creator Kim Do Hyung, its a much more meaningful experience and stands as not only a personal triumph, but a triumph for all indie games in Korea.

Kim created Buff Knight with the intention of making an game that would combine nostalgia and gameplay accessible enough for anyone to play. Buff Knight was made with a intention of bringing that feeling of nostalgia to as many people as possible.

Making the game was not an easy process. Not only did he have to sacrifice his time to between family and game development, but he also had to worry about the stiff competition from larger games and publishers in Korea. The market in Korea is an extremely competitive one, making small games like Buff Knight have a slim chance against bigger name titles.

It was this year that Google in a attempt to compete against the larger gaming platforms in Korea, decided to fund a select group of indie developers whose games they felt deserved a chance to be showcased to a larger audience. Buff Knight was chosen among this group and with the support and funding of Google, was able to be published in Korea.

Buff Knight became an almost immediate success achieving over 100,000 downloads on Google Play within a few weeks of launch. Despite the odds, Buff Knight managed to triumph over some of the larger and more popular titles and earn its way onto many Korean gamer’s devices.

The story of Buff Knight is more than a game to Hyung and more than a game to indie developers all over the world. Buff Knight is the culmination of a dream and the continued mantra that good game design and a passion for your game can overcome all obstacles.

Buff Knight has earned its way into the hearts of thousands of Korean gamers and on October 2nd, hopes he can find his way to US and Canadian gamers as well.

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The creator of Buff Knight and head of Buff Studios, Kim Do Hyung

Hello Everyone! Excited for Launch!



If you’re reading this then we’ve succeeded in getting this English blog up and running!

The original creator of Buff Knight lives in Korea, so having him post a blog from a completely different time zone in a completely different language could be a little bothersome. That’s why this blog was created.

Everything related to Buff Knight, and some things not related but fun will be posted on here for your viewing pleasure. You’ll also get to hear some insight on the game itself, its inspirations and other interesting information from the world of Korean game development.

So if you found your way here, welcome! It’s nice to have you here, please stay awhile and enjoy yourself!

Buff Knight launches October 2nd for Android and iOS.


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